CROSSMARK 2020 Vision Focuses on AI

CROSSMARK 2020 Vision Focuses on Artificial Intelligence Advancments.

With the unprecedented disruption in the CPG industry,
CROSSMARK is focused on enhancing customer experience

PLANO, TX – January 16, 2020 – Through disruptive technologies and digital innovations, CROSSMARK, a privately owned, global sales and marketing services company, is eager to continue the momentum of 2019 and further expand its strategic growth and unparalleled client solutions offerings into 2020. As the consumer packaged goods industry confronts a landscape of unprecedented disruption, CROSSMARK partners with brands and retailers to not only navigate, but thrive. To push this effort into 2020, CROSSMARK plans to build off of its 115-year legacy in the grocery and consumer-packaged goods sectors and utilize industry-leading analytics and insights garnered through the latest in digital technology.

CROSSMARK’s transformative new leadership structure offers agile, responsive and high-quality tailored support and services for their clients. By taking a macro view on business and consumer experience, CROSSMARK applies industry expertise on a real-world level. With groundbreaking enhancements in order-to-cash machine learning, CROSSMARK is able to execute client updates in real-time and provide actionable recommendations for Clients and Customers, putting the two closer than ever. CROSSMARK’s self-service platform leads to faster insights/impact and an increased ability for human capital to focus on igniting action. The data captured is used to analyze what’s working (to continue on those paths), what’s not working (to course correct), and why (to build long-term strategies for growth).

“CROSSMARK’s advancements and increased utilization of automation and machine learning is incredibly exciting,” states, Chief Executive Officer, Chris Moye. “Streamlined, efficient processes and systems will help us stay ahead of the curve, and as a result, optimize our opportunities moving forward.”

With a proven track record of success, CROSSMARK client brands saw 3.6 percent growth in 2019 compared to the industry average of 1.4 percent, the ROI promise is not an empty one. CROSSMARK outperforms competitors in four key areas: building trust, supporting client strategy, executing client business plans and trade investment. To succeed in this quickly and continually changing environment, CROSSMARK helps clients understand the consumers’ mindset; analyze the wealth of data collected during the decision-making process, both online and in store; and develop strategies for growth rooted in these insights. With a client promise of “We are you,” CROSSMARK’s strengths are in their people, presence and performance. Just as their clients are centered on their consumers, CROSSMARK is relationship-driven and relentless in their focus on creating success.

As a data-driven company, CROSSMARK is continually looking for improvement opportunities through quantification of impact. CROSSMARK will debut additional analytics innovation at the Food Marketing Institute Midwinter Conference, in Phoenix, Arizona.

CROSSMARK, headquartered in Plano, Texas, is a privately-owned leading sales and marketing services company that provides growth solutions for the consumer packaged goods and services industry, and retailers. For more than 100 years, CROSSMARK has helped the world’s most powerful brands achieve their business objectives, delivering proprietary research and expert analysis and advice. CROSSMARK’s areas of expertise include headquarter sales, retail merchandising, retailer solutions, shopper and consumer engagement, in-store events, experiential marketing, shopper marketing, in-store data collection and field intelligence, and analytics and insights.

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