Resets & Merchandising


Retailer ResetsYour shopper is in the store and you have one final opportunity to convert the shopper into a buyer. With so many decisions being made at the point of purchase, in-store conditions have become a critical element in the marketing and sales process. Even more daunting is the fact that it’s nearly impossible to gain market share without the appropriate in-store support.

CROSSMARK provides best-in-class reset and merchandising services for retailers to help them achieve success.

  • Resets – Our PROSET service is a coordinated approach to execute continuous or periodic large resets by using technology, processes, and the deployment of properly skilled people on a scheduled or dynamic basis.  Trained and qualified personnel are efficiently deployed to enable speed to proficiency, ensuring a consistent shopper experience.
  • Merchandising – Our coordinated merchandise program leverages a centralized process for efficient execution of project or task-based merchandising needs.  The program helps minimize the need for multiple merchandising organizations through enhanced visibility to in-store activities, reporting, and analysis.  It’s effective for merchandising initiatives you’ve authorized, including but not limited to, new items execution, POS placement, display building or refilling, seasonal projects, or augmenting in-store labor during key consumption periods.

To achieve success, CROSSMARK develops growth solutions specific to the needs of each retailer. CROSSMARK professionals are in stores more than four million times a year, conducting tasks that not only improve the shopper’s experience, but also enhance retailer profits and maximize return on investment.

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