Walmart Solutions

Fast, Frequent and Flexible Service

As the largest retailer in the world, most major manufacturers of consumer goods recognize Walmart as their largest customer. CROSSMARK has the expertise, relationships and CROSSMARK Walmart channelresources to deliver growth solutions with this important retailer.

CROSSMARK has unprecedented retail coverage in Walmart – including 3,200 U.S. stores an average of 2X per week as part of a seven-day-a-week retail coverage model. We provide the fastest, most frequent and most flexible dedicated team serving Walmart today.

Our headquarter sales team works with clients to provide a number of services, leveraging our unprecedented access to invaluable insights from Nielsen, Spectra and Homescan data, all with the goal of increasing sales and creating winning business solutions.

Relationships matter. We regularly sit at the table with the most important decision makers at Walmart; our relationships are broad and deep. For example, CROSSMARK was the first supplier to open an office in Bentonville, Arkansas in 1985, and we have had national coverage of Walmart stores ever since.

In addition to Walmart being a valued retail customer for our manufacturer clients, CROSSMARK also is a proud service provider to Walmart, conducting ongoing merchandising, data collection, modular resets and other project work.

In summary, CROSSMARK’s expertise, resources and relationships with Walmart are unsurpassed:

  • Team of 52+ in our Rogers, Arkansas office
  • All Stores Covered Weekly
  • 3,200 Stores Covered an average of 2X per week
  • Seven-day-a-week coverage model in all stores
  • 2,135 Dedicated Walmart Reps
  • Less than 2:1 Store-to-Rep ratio

Our Walmart services for manufacturers include:

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