Walmart Events Announcement

To Our Valued Clients

We are proud to be selected by Walmart to provide a solution critical to their initiatives in shopper marketing and in-store experience. For the past three years we have pursued dual strategies of becoming retailers’ indispensable partner as well as the most effective provider of shopper marketing execution. This appointment represents the culmination of those two strategies.

In-store sampling events remain the most effective and popular tactic within shoppers and marketers. A recent GMA – Deloitte study has shown that CPG companies are shifting funds from out-of-store media to in-store media. We firmly believe that this industry is ready for improvement and reengineering. Working collaboratively with Walmart and Advantage, we have created a new model built around trained and certified employees, consistent relationships and trust with store personnel and a professional appearance and presentation.

CROSSMARK and Advantage formed a joint venture named “Shopper Events” to help Walmart plan, schedule and organize events in their stores. Shopper Events is based in Bentonville with an experienced and skilled staff. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Frank Stillman, VP of Sales – Shopper Events at 888-364-3033. We hope you can make it to the November 12 meeting.

Feel free to talk to your CROSSMARK Contact or me directly with any questions.


Joe Crafton
President, Strategic Alliances

To: CPG Companies
From: Walmart New Business Development – In store Demo Team

We are happy to announce very exciting and strategic business changes to our in store shopper events program(demos). Over the last two years we have been evaluating our current program and how it aligns with our corporate strategies and found that we needed to make some changes that would allow us to create an inspirational sampling environment that drives trial and incremental purchases of key items. Everything we do in store must align with our corporate strategies of Win/Place/Show, Save Money. Live Better and Cleaner/Faster/Friendlier as well as be aligned with our key planks of inspiring fresh and quality perceptions of our fresh categories, supporting our new product launch’s, Meal Solutions, Health & Wellness and Seasonal initiatives.

Effective immediately, we are taking the management of our programs in house and beginning 1/29/09 we will be going to a direct labor model in store. We have authorized CROSSMARK Events and ADVANTAGE SALES AND MARKETING as the Event Execution Companies (EEC). They will be splitting the stores equally among them. Both companies will execute all events with the exception of categories that require a more technical knowledge of products. (e.g. Electronics, Cosmetics, etc.) These “technical” demos will continue to be executed by our current demo providers.

We are very excited because we feel this direct model allows us to deliver a more controlled labor model utilizing demo personnel who are food safety certified, background checked and I-9 compliant, who are supervised and paid for performance. In addition to the execution changes, we will be streamlining the process which will allow for a more sustainable cost effective program that will allow you to gain a better ROI. Also, we have revamped our demo station fixtures that will improve our in store customer experience.

To learn more, we would like to invite you to a Summit we are holding in November.
• When: November 12th,4-5:30
• Where: Wal-Mart Home Office Auditorium

To go ahead and speak to someone now and book your 2009 demos, contact our planning and scheduling team Shopper Events at #888-364-3033.

Other Important Dates:

• Holiday Black out Dates: November 22nd through 30th and December 13th through 26th
• Cease of current demo execution in store: 1/5/09 (stores will be in preparation for new rollout) Note: we will not be a grandfathering any pre planned 2009 events. All events for 2009 will need to flow through our new program.
• New Program Rollout: 1/29/09 in 1000 SC’s with 1000 more SC’s on board by end of March (no other demo activity will be allowed in any other stores during this time)

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