Dedicated Retailer and Channel Teams

CROSSMARK’s Dedicated Retailer & Channel Teams are specialists in understanding how to drive growth at a retailer or in a channel, with clients often experiencing growth rates that outpace a retailer’s category growth. Additionally, these teams work closely with retailers in providing solutions for better shopping experiences.

Retailers want to partner with manufacturers, regardless of size, who can provide them with growth opportunities and demonstrate a clear understanding of their go-to-market strategy, from pricing and merchandising to hyper-local marketing and shopper engagement. Knowing which strategies and tactics will work at a specific retailer is vital to the growth of a brand. Additionally a retailer’s strategy and tactics can change over time and knowing this in real time is critical to success.

Our Dedicated Retailer & Channel Teams have strong connectivity to retailers, and work closely with CROSSMARK’s Insights, Planning, Operations, and Dedicated Client Teams. This ensures that a unique and appropriate strategy is developed and executed with speed and precision for each client’s brand. The results are the most specific, most thoughtful, and best-prepared plans for a brand in the industry.